Web Design and Development

A website is a work of screen art, in which both the designer and the developer have equal roles to play, which we do not fail to understand

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application development is a never-ending process, as the Artificial Intelligence market is changing now and then, thus making human life easy going. Hence for any app idea to work in the market it’s important to make it easily functional and develop its USP and follow the steps

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a zone for conversating with consumers directly, it is the source of direct connectivity with the audience and taking feedback from them via social media stories, engaging posts, going live, asking the audience about how they feel, and likewise.

Search Engine Optimisation

As an SEO company in Dubai, our goal is to raise the ranking of your website, in organic search results. There are different ways for optimizing Ad-Words like as using the most searched words in day-to-day relevant blogs for the website, then also via Google Ads, by analysing the correct Long-tail and short-tail words that the end users will be inputting. 

Logo Designing

It’s always better to brainstorm, create options, take many perspectives, and we suggest that choose a logo design that is inside the box because the audience needs to relate to it, the outside box concept needs time to evaporate and reign… so, we advise a simple, chic, and classic logo that will stand the test of time.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is all about gaining customers’ loyalty, it’s about making them believe in the brand. Through building your brand success, you can develop loyal customers who help you grow time and time again.

Design Thinking

When are you adapting to the DESIGN THINKING process, it’s the best way to develop a brand language for your brand that will create an impact out there.

Influencer Marketing

Gone are the days of TV ads, hoardings, newspaper ads, and radio ads, and likewise, the world is out there on social media, every day there is a new content creator or an influencer born.


We have had the opportunity of utilising Jameela’s web design services, and have been pleased by the utmost professional approach of the team and details to client’s specific requirements, have always met deadlines on time.
We wish them much success in the new endeavour.

Capt. Sandeep Saini

MSQ Manager, SuNav Group Of Companies

Working with Digitotal is a smooth and hassle-free process. With their technical expertise, not only do they help you arrive at the best solutions for your business, they do so within the given deadline. I highly recommend their services.

Nargis Miyajiwala

Founder, All That Jars

Brilliant designs and excellent management with on time delivery of projects 10/10!.

Zain Merchant



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